How To Choose The Right Female Sex Doll

With so many different types, sizes, and features available, choosing the right female sex doll can be intimidating. Fortunately, with a few tips and tricks, you can find the perfect adult doll companion that fits your needs and desires.

Key Differences In Adult Dolls 

When selecting the perfect adult doll for you, there are several features that should be taken into consideration, knowing the key differences between each type of adult doll can help you make a more informed choice when searching for a new companion.

Female sex doll guide

Silicone Vs TPE

The first step in choosing the right female sex doll is understanding the key differences between adult dolls. Generally, there are two types of adult dolls: silicone and TPE (thermoplastic elastomer). Silicone is a more expensive, higher-quality material that is resistant to tearing and other wear and tear. Silicone adult dolls are more realistic and have finer facial features. TPE on the other hand, is a softer, more affordable material, it is important to consider the advantages and disadvantages of each type before making your decision.


Size & Weight

Size and weight are also important factors when selecting the right female sex doll. The size of your adult doll should reflect your own body type, and it’s important to find one that will be easy to manoeuvre and store. A heavier adult doll might be more difficult to position, while a lighter doll can be easier to move around.

Female sex doll guide

Position Of Choice

Another key factor to take into account when choosing the right adult doll is position. Different dolls have different poses or positions, and this can be an important part of your decision-making process. You may prefer a certain type of posture, such as lying down, sitting up, or bent in a particular way. Knowing the available options can help you find the type of position that is most comfortable for you. At the moment, we offer both standing and non-standing female sex dolls. So depending on whether you want to play, relax or form a lasting relationship with your adult doll will determine whether you'd like her to be able to stand or sit down.

Please take into consideration automated moving dolls cannot stand.

 Which Breast Is Best?

In addition to size and weight, you might also want to consider the type of breasts that your adult doll has. There are several types available, from large and bouncy to small and natural. You should choose the type of breasts that you find most attractive in order to get the most out of your experience with your companion. Gel breast implants are often considered the most life-like experience, so it might be worth paying a little more for a more enjoyable touch.

Female sex doll guide

Play With My Hair 

You should also think about the material used to make an adult doll's hair before placing an order online. Typically there are two options, implanted hair or a wig.  Implanted hair is more realistic and long-lasting, while wig options are often easier to style and change. The type of hair you choose should also reflect your own preferences - if you like a certain style or colour, then be sure to look for an adult doll with similar features.

Sex Robot Realistic Features

Finally, you may also want to consider the realistic features of your adult doll. For example, some models come with AI Intelligence, remembering your name and hobbies with robotic parts such as movable eyes and facial functions that are designed to provide a more lifelike experience. This is ideal for an interactive girlfriend experience.

But if you're wanting to get down and dirty without the chit chat, you should know that we offer female sex dolls that moan when touched and other advanced sex dolls models that have automated movement during sexual play this extends to a suction feature between her legs for a hyper-realistic intimate feeling.

Fixed Vs Unfixed Vagina

Last but not least, the great debate, Fixed Vs Unfixed Vagina

There really isn’t one which is better then the other, it really comes down to the individual and what suits them and their needs. Fixed is great, as can feel and look more realistic however unfixed offers great convenience with easy cleaning.


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