AI TECH SEXBOTS - An advancement in leading technology where Sex Dolls intergrate with technology creating a companion available for all your physical and emotional needs.

2 Versions available 4.0 - 4.2

AI Tech Robot Dolls 4.2 has memory to remember your name and your interests, the more you talk with her, the more clever she will become, she connects to the Internet and can tell jokes and stories, share the weather, and even do math.

She winks, and smiles moves her eyes from side to side, resembling true emotion, she has voice interaction, sensor technology, a heating system and mechanical movement of the head and neck.

4.0 - 4.2 Version has Body sensors in the breasts, thighs, and arms, allows real pleasure and response simulation - Hot, intense, exciting moaning response to every touch of private parts.

The heating system holds a temperature of a true human companion for both versions allowing for warm hugs & touch


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